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International Design Award (IDA), USA, 2016 - Gold

Vitti Sthapati Brindo Ltd won the Gold Award in International Design Award (IDA), USA, 2016 for their project Dusai Resort in the Hospitality design Category.

Harbored in the serene green hillocks of tea plantations in northeast Bangladesh, "Dusai Resort & Spa" is the first destination resort of its kind in Bangladesh. The complex exudes the essence of a tribal village with its formation along the sloping hills. It includes residential, dining, swimming pool, spa, conference, and indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The site consists of three shallow hills and valleys. The public area with reception and convention hall is placed on the first hill and all the guest rooms are placed on the slope of the hills for ease of movement. Other facilities are located towards the valley. The vehicular circulation ends in a public area and the journey toward the guest area starts on foot or by electric car. The internal roads and walkways are placed in a round trip encompassing the complex allowing one to travel the whole area in a circular motion. The guest facility features a main hotel block and stand-alone bungalows. There are two types of bungalows: cottages for families in a semi-private setting and deluxe cottages for couples in a more private setting, on the slopes of the south-facing hill. Service amenities blend semi-private and private zones.