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'A Story of Rewards as Lateral Awards' - A feature on Ceramic Bangladesh

To many, it might be, but to a few, it is a form of emotion or a meaningful impact on public realm as well. Architecture is not only all of the above, but beyond.

The arena is not just there to make boxes to accommodate functions. It needs involvement of humans, life, psychology, sociology, economy, and every other vital aspect to shape a living standard. From micro to macro, from master planning to interior designing, the field is vast to explore. Architects need to be sensitive and sensible enough to practice these opportunities of responsibilities.

VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd., co-founded by architects Iqbal Habib and Ishtiaque Zahir Titas, is one of the few firms in Bangladesh that focuses on all these aspects. In the past 32 years, Vitti has accomplished master planning, building designs, and interior designs for both public and private realms. The story cannot be shared in short. For them, the project experience speaks more intensely than words.

The architectural projects of Bangladesh are pinning their existence on the global map, earning a lot of recognition and awards. Vitti as a firm has also received many prestigious ones, but to them, these accolades add value to the projects and compel Vitti to act more responsibly. Their main source of success is the lateral returns they receive from projects started for the benefit of common people. Their success is determined by the impact of their designs on the lives of Dhaka dwellers.

- Excerpts from the text by Rehnuma Tasnim Sheefa