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IAB Design Award 2016

Vitti Sthapati Brindo Ltd won the Commendation Award in IAB Design Award 2016 for their project Integrated Development of Hatirjheel Area Including Begunbari Khal, Dhaka.

The project “Intregated Development of Hatirjheel Area” is brought about enormous and wide range of benefits to the people of Dhaka. Along with environmental, drainage and transportation benefits, Hatirjheel offers a rare refreshing environment to the residents of Dhaka, which is becoming chocked by building, roads and vehicles. However, with wide range of engineering and recreational facilities, the management of Hatirjheel is extremely challenging. A strong management organization involving all stakeholders is therefore needed for smooth operation of the engineering structures and management of traffic and the recreational facilities. Initially 5 year maintenance plan for the entire Hatirjheel area is being prepared in order to ensure multidimensional benefits of Hatirjheel for the people of Dhaka.