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‘Design of the Headquarter of the Institute of Architects Bangladesh’ (IAB), 2008

Institute of Architects Bangladesh

at Agargaon, Dhaka

Institute of Architects Bangladesh, competition entry, First prize winner, 2008

Client: Institute of Architects Bangladesh

The Institute of Architects Bangladesh engendered the epitome of simplicity. The form intricately blends with the surroundings through the use of elements such as wooden windows, doors and frames. The non-extant and nostalgic elements of Bengal façade treatment was installed innovatively in the design, for instance the doors are inspired from the primeval version of ”Khirki”.

The building is set rear to the site summoning the guests to an, open to sky, ample green area for outdoor activities. This surplus space gives provision for future expansion of the project. A brick laid pedestrian walkway processing straight towards the east block of the building leads to the entry through either a small flight of stairs or a gently curved ramp.