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American Institute of Architects (AIA) AWARD, USA, 2021

Vitti Sthapati Brindo Ltd was awarded American Institute of Architects (AIA), USA merit award in Urban Design Category for the project 'Rehabilitation of Justice Shahbuddin Ahmed Park.'

Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park is located in one of the busiest areas in Dhaka. For the last 40 years, the park has been naturally embellished with 1765 species of trees creating a shaded, cool environment within. Unlike the typical, indistinguishable parks of Dhaka, this 9-acre park creates a safe, inclusive and accessible public space for all inhabitants, free of crime and violence. To accommodate the diversity of users, there are tectonically five types of paved walkways- Brick, Concrete Block, Wooden Plank and soft pavement Walkways. Every material creates a different sensation, a different sound and feel to the touch. To recharge ground water into the soil, permeable cement pavement has been introduced for bicycle lane. The park’s center had a declining pond which has been revived with adjoined walkways, ‘Ghats’ and decks. The walkway has been designed on two levels. The lower level offers a refreshing water-side stroll and leads to the viewing decks. The upper level is accompanied by a bicycling lane, and is connected to the lower level by the two ghats. A green amphitheater and a stage by the lake serve as a cultural platform. To enhance neighborhood engagement, a community library, a prayer space, women’s seating zone, a gymnasium, a play yard and an exercise yard have been incorporated into the design. The children’s spaces have passive playing equipment and parent’s seating provisions. The design was implemented ensuring public participation, to bring community people into public space, promote walkability and cycling towards improving health and wellbeing.