11th November, 2017 Workshop on “Blue Urbanism Reshaping Narayanganj City” at UTC Dhaka,2017 featuring Baburail Canal Restoration Project

Baburail Canal Restoration Project was selected for Urban Lab Workshop titled Blue Urbanism Reshaping Narayanganj City by UTC, Urban Thinker’s Campus Dhaka, 2017 which was jointly hosted by UIA, International Union of Architects and IAB, Institute of Architects Bangladesh on 11th November, 2017.

In this session, 40 participants of multi stakeholders worked in 2 groups to examine the study area, critically analyze it and draw a scenario for good governance, efficient infrastructure and place making as well as prepared policy recommendation that can be followed during the implementation of the Project.Project briefing at site Urban Lab Session Group gathered at site. Urban Lab Session Mayor Selina Hayat visit to Urban Lab