Krishibid Institution Bangladesh, KIB

Project Descriptions:

The KIB project is a significant body endeavoring to bolster the son of soil; that is the farmers, of this agriculture based country, constantly striving to create a Golden Bengal. The landscape of KIB from top exemplifies the ailed village agriculture land, formed in grid. It contains green, plaza and spaces for conglomeration in layers reliving the “uthan” concept. The complex contains an auditorium, a multipurpose hall, a projection gallery, a training center with class rooms, dorm facilities, club facilities with a swimming pool, an institution office, and rentable offices. The varied programs are distributed in two blocks and in three major zones: public, semi-private, and private. They are both connected and separated by means of design elements like a plaza, bridge, courtyard etc. The design demonstrates the relevance of the contemporary urban condition and its context.

Project Credit:

Architects: VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd.
Structural Engineer: The Designers and Managers (TDM)
Mechanical Engineer: Utility Professionals
Electrical Engineer: Techno Engineer and Consultants
Contractor: Kushuli Nirmata Ltd