Institute of Architects Bangladesh, IAB

Project Descriptions:

The Institute of Architects Bangladesh Project engendered is an epitome of simplicity. The structure is simple and creates an ambience of an institute where people enter in search of modesty. The incontrovertible positivity of the interior spaces is assured by mezzanine floor, double height room, skylight illumination, an interactive inner court and adequate ventilation through wooden windows. The architectural language is lucid with no attempt of exaggerated flamboyance.

The functions of this project comprise double height multipurpose hall, library, administrative offices and record room, conference, publication and training rooms etc. The design endeavors towards providing maximum interactive zones, prioritizing the project as a gathering place for architects to communicate ideas.




Project Credit:

Architects: VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd

Structural Engineer: Inter Space Ltd

Mechanical Engineer: S.M. Shaheedullah and New Associates Ltd