Dusai Resort and Spa

Project Descriptions:

Harbored in the serene green hillocks of tea plantations in northeast Bangladesh, “Dusai Resort & Spa” is the first destination resort of its kind in Bangladesh. The complex exudes the essence of a tribal village with its formation along the sloping hills. It includes residential, dining, swimming pool, spa, conference, and indoor and outdoor gaming facilities. The residential facility features a main hotel block and stand-alone bungalows. Service amenities blend semi private and private zones. The linear site of the project imparts an impression of a journey. After arriving at the resort, guests start their journey by walking along the curved path through hills to reach their destination.

The ingenuity of this complex lies in constructing a luxurious resort with latest facilities without losing its ethnic identity. The humbleness of the design blends the complex into surrounding wilderness.

Project Credit:

Architects: VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd.

Structural Engineer: Space Design Consortium Ltd

Electrical Engineer: Tarn Associates Ltd

Contractor: Self