Dhanmondi Lake and Lakeside Area Development

Project Descriptions:

Dhanmondi Lake development was an attempt to embody an urban oasis to provide relief in the concrete cityscape. A planned endeavor with economic feasibility for positive impact on the urban setting was perceived for the lake development. This intention has been achieved through restoration-conservation-preservation of nature, water body management and promoting accessibility around the lake improving traffic circulation.

The concept was to invite people to protect the lake from encroachment creating a buffer zone in between the allotted residential plots and the lake. The fa├žade morphology was reversed with the front of the building facing the lake. Hence the neighborhood is transformed into an accessible public realm through inclusion of a recreational area inviting people from all over the city.

Project Credit:

Architects: VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd

Contractor: Bangladesh Army (SWO-West) 16ECB