Dhanmondi Rabindro Sarobar Bridge

Project Descriptions:

Dhanmondi 8 no. pedestrian over bridge is the first of its kind elevated walkway over a busy vehicular road, not only serving the purpose of connecting two sides for safe movement but also acts as a deck, since its spacious width allows people to stand and enjoy the spectacular view of surrounding area. The bridge meets the need of uninterrupted walkway throughout the entire Dhanmondi lake connecting two parts of the lake previously severed by 8 no. vehicular bridge. The necessity of large span facilitating uninterrupted flow of traffic underneath was met by employing Steel Arch Net structure with support only on the sides. The bridge is a unique addition to the landscaping components in Bangladeshi context.

Project Credit:

Architects: VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd

Structural Engineer: DPM Consultant Ltd

Contractor: S.M. Construction Room