British Oxygen Company

Project Descriptions:

The Headquarter of British Oxyzen Company (BOC), located in the incoherent mixed use area of Tejgaon, is conceptualized into a pure cube considering the program, site and context. As a result, the platonic 60’ by 60’ form was derived, representing simplicity and clarity in functional expression. The space use, in floor plans, had to be optimum due to sparse land.

The project endeavored towards energy efficiency by reducing dependency on air-conditioning. The square perforations in façade facilitates natural ventilation and the ground floor is given maximum permeability with perforated metal sheets to allow cross ventilation. The design in all aspects is a manifestation of the strong commitment and awareness to the built environment as it would bring improvements to the site, neighboring communities and local ecologies.


Project Credit:

Architects: VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd

Structural Engineer: DPM Consultants Ltd