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Intern Placements

VITTI offers year out placement for students who have finished their third year at University for three to six months. The students are assigned individual mentors and have the chance to work in various capacities within the office.

VITTI believes in open communication and free exchange of ideas. This makes it an ideal place for the students to learn about professionalism in a friendly setting from the seniors and groom for the future.  VITTI works as a team, maximizes an individual’s contribution and minimizes hierarchy. Due to this flat structure and team work, the scope of involvement and contribution is immense for the young architects and students.

Throughout the year, students learn about the various functions at the office. Applicants for year out placements should send a CV, a recommendation letter from the Chairman and some work samples showing a range of skills and abilities from freehand sketching to computer work as well as their latest design projects.

Employee benefits


Office recreational trips: Every Year, all staffs are taken on an annual trip in different destinations each year as well as to visit the significant completed projects by the firm.

Office festivity celebrations: VITTI organizes several events yearly to celebrate festivities in full spirit such as Choitro Shonkranti , Eid reunion, iftaar parties etc.

Charitable Contribution: VITTI provides the opportunity to contribute in social welfare and participate in socially inclusive projects with an impact, such as Dhanmondi Lake, Hatirjheel area development, Taqwa mosque, Ekmattra academy complex etc.

Educational Assistance: VITTI provides educational assistance to enhance the employees’ performance and professional abilities in appropriate capacity to the deserving full time employees.


Easy Loan scheme: VITTI employees are eligible for loan with easy payment plan with 0% interest rate.

Gratuity: VITTI offers gratuity facility to its full time employees.

Lunches and snacks facilities: VITTI provides healthy morning and evening snacks for its employees. Daily fresh prepared Lunches are also available in subsidized price.

Festive & Performance Bonuses: Annually VITTI employees are offered two festive bonuses and one performance bonus equaling up to 3 month’s worth of the employees salary.

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